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5 Main Steps Of CIP

What are the 5 main steps of CIP?

What does CIP mean? CIP stands for Cleaning in Place. In the biopharmaceutical manufacturing industry, most vessels such as bioreactors are cleaned without being dismantled. Special cleaning solutions are used to remove any residue left after the bioreactor has been…

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How to read an (M)SDS sheet

What is an (M)SDS? (M)SDS stands for (Material) Safety Data Sheet. The "M" has been dropped from modern designations. An SDS describes all of the properties, hazards and safety precautions associated with a chemical. How to search for an (M)SDS…

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Pictures Tell A Thousand Words

Pictures tell a thousand words

What does “normal” look like when it comes to process equipment? Troubleshooting process equipment is the core role of Process Engineers at a biopharmaceutical facility. Before you can identify a problem with the equipment, you need to know what “normal”…

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