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[WEBINAR] How to Make Risk-Based Decisions to Meet Production Needs and Compliance

What is Risk?

Risk is an inherent part of any process; your organization is no exception.

External risks like supply chain disruptions and internal risks such as contamination or equipment breakdown can severely impact your process.

However, avoiding risk altogether is not the answer. Instead, you must learn to anticipate, deal with, and mitigate potential adverse impacts.

What if we told you there’s a way to make risk work for you?

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to use risk-based decisions to meet production needs while remaining compliant.

We’ll teach you how to streamline your decision-making based on documented risks to maintain the highest quality and safety standards easily.

During this webinar, you will discover:

  1. How to use risk management strategies to inform your decision-making process
  2. Strategies for effectively de-risking your processes
  3. Tips for future-proofing your process against unforeseen risks
  4. Watch Now button (I will provide video following webinar in September)

Who needs to watch this webinar?

  • QA Manager
  • QA Supervisor
  • QA/QC Specialist
  • Deviation Management Specialist
  • Change Control Specialist
  • Process Engineer
  • Validation Engineer

In a rush?

Here’s a summary of the topics covered in this webinar.

Webinar Topics:

  1. Introduction to risk management: Understanding the concept of risk and its importance
  2. Identifying controllable risks: Recognizing the risks that can be controlled within your process
  3. Managing uncontrollable risks: Strategies for effectively managing the risks that are out of your control
  4. Importance of managing risk: Why actively managing risk is crucial for your organization
  5. Effective risk management strategies: Best practices for managing risk while meeting production needs and remaining compliant
  6. Leveraging risk in decision making: How to incorporate a risk-based approach in your decision-making process for better outcomes.

What is QuneUp™?

QuneUp is a data-driven software tool that reduces equipment down time by enabling access to critical data.

QuneUp™ is the brainchild of a Process Engineer who was frustrated with rarely having the critical process equipment data they needed at the right time.

Every minute spent digging for equipment specification sheets and manuals, was a minute that the production line was down – racking up costs for the company.

Just like a plane being on the ground, it costs money whenever a production line is down for any period of time.

QuneUp™ gets to the root of the issue by empowering all members of your team with accurate data in a snap.

With QuneUp™, all you need is your cell phone or camera-enabled device to gain immediate access to all the equipment data you need to keep production running.

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