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Thermometer Vs Thermocouple

Thermometer vs Thermocouple

When things get complicated


How do you get to the root cause when things start getting technically complex?


Keep asking questions.

Especially when things start getting outside of your wheelhouse, that’s when you start asking even more questions. 

For example, say the term “thermocouple’ comes up while investigating a deviation related to a bioreactor.

And you’re trying to understand what a thermocouple has to do with the deviation.

So let’s break it down.

Breaking it down

Therm – o – couple.

We’ve heard the term “therm” used in a more popular word before:


A thermometer is used to take your temperature at a doctor’s office or in the hospital.

Similarly, a therm – o – couple is used to monitor the temperature of large equipment such as a bioreactor. 

Getting to the root cause

It is possible that something went wrong during the installation of the thermocouple or during operation.

There could be several root causes:

– Frayed communication wire back to the control system leading to an inaccurate reading

– Damage to the sheath (the long skinny part in the picture below) of the thermocouple during installation

– Electrical short circuit or power outage causing damage to the internals

Going from “Something’s up with this bioreactor” to “We need to take a closer look at this thermocouple” takes questions and persistence. 

Asking the right questions to the right people. 

Thermometer vs Thermocouple

Figure 1: Thermometer vs thermocouple comparison.

The image above describes the similarities between a thermometer and a thermocouple.


With QuneUp™ you would have access to the specifications on that thermocouple in seconds. Remember, you’re still on that 30-day clock to close this deviation out. Do you really want to spend all your time digging for data? 

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